Buying a right house is an important and tough task. Buying a perfect home not only requires asset of your earned money but also requires a lot of time management. Before buying a property, it is good to write down all possible risks from the property.

New Chandigarh is emerging as the smart city near Chandigarh and most of the real estate marketers and investors are seeing New Chandigarh as a budding market. Looking at the fast development of the city, it is obvious that the surroundings around the area will grow rapidly in coming years. Areas near Chandigarh are highly advised and completely good to invest in a property.


Before buying a house in Chandigarh there are certain things to keep in mind. In case you are looking for house, consider the following points:

  • Find the right location: No doubt that the price of house in Chandigarh has risen so high, but if you see the houses near Chandigarh they are not so expensive. It is a good choice to invest in a property of place which is developing. This will save money as well as your time.
  • Know your budget: It is always better to buy house that fits in your budget. Don’t make any investment in hurry. Moreover, brokers have different techniques to attract any customer. It is recommended to ignore all the deviations and make a wise investment.
  • Take your time: Investing in a property is one-time deal. Do take your quality time and make a wise decision. Before buying a house do check all the parameters such as surroundings, neighborhoods, quality of construction, past projects and many more. A wise deal is always clear and good for both ends.
  • Size of the Property: When you are looking for a property to buy, the size of the property matters a lot. Property is a long time asset and therefore shall be in consent with your future plans.

There are multiple housing developments going on in the surroundings of Chandigarh. One of the projects that have been started near Chandigarh is Florence Park. Florence Park is a new project whose foundation has been laid by leading real estate developer Ambika Realcon.

Since the prices of property are a little high as compared to the property in Chandigarh that is why Ambika chose New Chandigarh for a new project. Ambika offers the sale of luxurious and comfortable 2bhk and 3bhk flats near Chandigarh.

If you are thinking to buy house in Chandigarh then nothing can be better than Florence Park Contact Ambika Realcon today and get the best offer.